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Material Options

Finishing Code: VC-F100
Acrylic (PMMA) is th go to signage material for all things. it comes in 1-30mm thickness in opal and 3mm in colours.
PVC (Celuka)
Material Code: VC-M101
PVC is cheaper and more workable than Acrylic. It comes in 5-30mm thickness. Porous edges where cut can be a problem.
Material Code: VC-M102
Hipster cred #1 right now. This material has overtaken Copper in the cool stakes. Comes in Mill, Polished and Linished finishes.
Material Code: VC-M103
Real cooper is a thing of beauty. And it’s a living material so it will get a patina over time and add interest. Mill, Polished, Linished.
Timber (Various Types)
Material Code: VC-M104
How can you go past a good timber. A natural finish that makes you feel warm. We can provide just about any timber finish.
Stainless Steel Brushed
Material Code: VC-M105
We supply 316 Stainless steel for that durable metal look finish. Brushed, Linished, No.4 finish are all names for the same thing.
Stainless Steel Polished
Material Code: VC-M106
Polished or Mirror stainless steel looks brilliant. Take care when installing though as it marks easily.
Stainless Steel Mill
Material Code: VC-M107
Mill finish stainless steel is the go-to for fabricated letters that are going to be painted. Strong and easily workable.
Leather (Various)
Material Code: VC-M108
You heard it here first. Leather is the next big thing! It was copper a while back, now it is brass, but the future is leather finishes.
High-Mac / Corion / Marblo
Material Code: VC-M109
This product is similar to acrylic in composition and workability, but it comes in a much larger range of finishes (at higher cost).
Aluminium Brushed
Material Code: VC-M110
We can supply brushed/linished aluminium finsihes for your letters. They will chalk up though so it’s best if they are clear coated.
Aluminium Anodised
Material Code: VC-M111
Anodised aluminium is a factory clear coating that is applied to aluminium. It looks shiny for many years.
Aluminium Mill
Material Code: VC-M112
Good old aluminium. It’s stronger than steel when compared by weight! You choose a mill finish when you are going to paint it.
ACM (Aluminium Composite Panel)
Material Code: VC-M113
2 thin layers of aluminium that sandwich a Polyethelene core. It cheap and rigid and comes in a variety of colours.