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Finishing Options

Painted 1-Pak
Finishing Code: VC-F100
We use Viponds Acrylic Enamel paints for a long-lasting finish. Quick-drying and a massive range of colours.
Painted 2-Pak
Finishing Code: VC-F101
Higher gloss levels than 1-pak paints & more durable. But they take weeks to dry properly so we need to wait before sending out.
Powder Coating
Finishing Code: VC-F102
Used for metal surfaces only, this finish can’t achieve the gloss of 2k, and it is limited in colours, but
nothing is more durable.
Clear Coating
Finishing Code: VC-F103
Add a clear coat to your signage to protect it. If you are using any living materials like brass, timber, copper etc, this is a consideration.
Finishing Code: VC-F104
We can polish all metals to give you a mirror or bright finish. This is often used for Stainless Steel, brass and copper.
Finishing Code: VC-F105
Solid factory colours. Much longer lifetime than digital prints and no banding. We can cut and apply it to most surfaces.
Digital Print
Finishing Code: VC-F106
We can arrange for your digital prints. We don’t print (because customers are often printers), but we know exactly what you need.
Weathering Steel (Corten)
Finishing Code: VC-F107
Corten steel is a special steel used for shipping containers. It rusts to a patina and then that rust stops it rusting any more.
Finishing Code: VC-F108
Make a sign out of aluminium and then electroplate it so it looks solid gold or many other finishes. We outsource this part.